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FalconDNS is going away at the end of March. Because of ThreatSTOP’s strong partnership with CrowdStrike, you can use CrowdStrike’s same Threat Intelligence within our portal.

If you liked having a DNS Filter and want to continue using CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence in your DNS, you can have the same CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence through ThreatSTOP. ThreatSTOP can power your DNS resolvers and traditional firewalls with our own intelligence and Crowdstrike’s advanced threat intelligence to super-power these devices to block against state-sponsored activity and other threats.

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With ThreatSTOP’s Platform, and using CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence, you can now protect devices that can’t run on CrowdStrike’s endpoint.

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We built ThreatSTOP because most small and medium businesses just don’t have the resources to make it work.


Move from detection and response to intelligent proactive defense.


Continuously update network with new threat defense, without manual methods.


Defense tailored to your specific architecture, policy needs, and reporting requirements.


Reduce network load, free up analyst time, dramatically lower incident response costs.



Operationalize their threat intelligence using ThreatSTOP.


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Threats should be blocked early – before they become breaches.


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