Smarter DNS Security
For Infoblox Users

Need DNS security options? Prices going up?  Infoblox users find ThreatSTOP’s DNS Defense beats BloxOne in price, performance, and user experience.  That translates to more blocked threats, freed-up budgets, and precious time savings for stretched security teams.

ThreatSTOP delivers custom RPZ policies to your Infoblox devices as part of our complete DNS security ecosystem. Contact us now to start an expert-led trial and see the difference.

DNS Security Doesn’t Need
to be Painful

Frustrated with Infoblox security but still using NIOS appliances?  ThreatSTOP customers found ActiveTrust and BloxOne to be expensive, hard to setup, and painful to use. So they made a change ( you can too). 

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Feature Rich and Future Proof

It’s a DNS Security no-brainer. Dial-in your protection and keep it! ThreatSTOP is compatible with all leading DNS platforms including: efficientIP, Akamai, Microsoft, BlueCat, BIND, Unbound, F5 PowerDNS, and more.

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ThreatSTOP BloxOne Results
Threat Intel Coverage Over 325 Datasets Up to 27 Datasets ThreatSTOP delivers over 10x the security coverage
DNS Tunneling & DGA Included Extra Cost Included in ThreatSTOP with more coverage than BloxOne
RPZ Requirements Single Multiple ThreatSTOP requires only one RPZ but delivers all actions and lists, increasing appliance performance
DNS Performance Best performance. One fully custom RPZ Limited  datasets, custom lists, & actions ThreatSTOP delivers higher performance, even with larger policies and smaller devices
Reporting & Analytics Advanced, fully integrated reporting and analysis tools Included Basic reports included, advanced reports and tools cost extra ThreatSTOP offers more reporting and tools for free, and no additional appliances or configuration is required
IP & Domain Research UI and API. One Million queries per year Extra Cost ThreatSTOP includes richer results and includes 30x more queries

A Better DNS Security Platform

From the fully-integrated single management interface to the security enhancing UX of custom walled-garden redirects by threat type – ThreatSTOP’s DNS Defense is packed with thoughtful features that make other solutions feel cobbled together at best.


Move from reactive detection and response to threat intelligent proactive defense.


Continuous updates to the network using live, curated threat intelligence, no manual effort.


Defense tailored to your preferences, policy needs, and compliance requirements.


Reduce network load, free up analyst time, dramatically lower incident response costs.



Proactively block attacks
and prevent incidents with ThreatSTOP



blocked today on customer
networks, before they caused real damage

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